Compliance & Risk Management

Use compliance & risk management as a catalyst for enhancing overall performance.

Stabilify’s experts will work with you to vastly improve system-wide outcomes through the simple and seamless integration of compliance and risk management into daily operations.

Compliance & Risk Management

Three of the most challenging and costly areas of concern for providers continue to be HIPAA compliance, public records compliance, and minimizing operational risk. Stabilify has assembled a team of lawyers and compliance experts to manage those needs for you. What distinguishes Stabilify from outside counsel is that our professionals have experience in the foster care arena helping clients like you address these very complex issues.

Here is what we do for you in each area:

HIPAA Compliance

  • On-site training
  • Annual site visits to educate your staff on current HIPAA regulations
  • Annual audits to ensure you are HIPAA-compliant
  • Prepare your organization for HHS visits
  • Provide HIPAA-compliant policy and procedure templates, as well as record keeping forms

Open Government & Public Records Laws (“OG/PR Laws”) Compliance

  • On-site training for your employees and Board members
  • Annual site visits to educate your staff and Board members on current OG/PR Laws
  • Annual audits to ensure compliance with OG/PR Laws
  • Prepare your organization to efficiently, but comprehensively, respond to all requests submitted pursuant to applicable OG/PR Laws
  • Provide policy and procedure templates for complying with OG/PR Laws

Risk Management

  • Identify your risk indicators
  • Track those indicators and recommend steps to insulate you from risk
  • Revise your applicable policies and procedures
  • Train your staff on operational risk avoidance
  • Negotiate your liability insurance coverage


Reduce costsCurtail costly litigation and regulatory fines.
Abolish redundancies Eliminate unnecessary systematic complexities to maximize capital allocations.
Improve oversight Enable managers to eradicate operational silos by integrating processes and personnel.
Increase goodwill Minimize systematic mistakes to improve your reputation in the community.

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